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the key to a comforting snack

Don’t get me wrong I love to eat healthy, but certain days a little comfort food does the trick. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, but I love sour candy. I tend to just get anything sour candy from the deli. Today I want to share my most beloved comfort food for the days that have just gone bad unexpectedly. Obviously we all like different food but these are the snacks that can truly turn my day around.

TERRIBLE day = Blue raspberry sour power straws, puffed Cheetos, Tazo tea and fruit roll ups

Semi bad day = Hot chocolate from Starbucks and a Hershey bar

Feeling ok (“trying” to eat healthy) = carrots with some ranch dressing, tazo tea and celery with hummus

Good day = strawberry supper sour power straws, carrots with hummus and a lemonade.

easy desserts

keeping my make up organized

keeping my make up organized