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top 5 hair products

top 5 hair products

I love when my hair is silky and smooth right after a shower but I want to keep it silky, these are some of my favorite products to keep my hair perfect.

Ouchless comb by Goody

I like to bring a wide toothed comb to school so that when my hair gets knotted or I am having a bad hair day I can brush it away. This one is a bit too big to carry around all day but Goody makes a lot of travel comb. 

Klorane dry shampoo

I have been using this dry shampoo for a really, really long time and I LOVE it. It has become really popular over the last year and now every beauty guru/fashion icon is using it and saying how much they love it.

Body Full Redken shampoo

This is a great good quality shampoo, it doesn't dry out my hair, too be honest most shampoos aren't different I just use this because I trust the brand.

Daily Moisture conditioner

This just a basic grocery store conditioner but it is so good. Over the summer I went to my friends beach house and I used her conditioner and it was amazing and it made my hair so soft so I bought it when I got home and I have been using it since then.

Creative brush

This wet and dry brush is AMAZING, I got it at my hair salon and now everyone in my family has a different color. It keeps my hair so beautiful and it doesn't make my hair static as soon as I brush it.

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