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contouring made easy

contouring made easy

            I love all makeup but if I feel like I want to take time on my face (foundation) I tend to contour. For people like Kim Kardashian she does crazy contour, I like contour that is still semi-natural. When I contour I actually like some drugstore products. When I am highlighting I use Maybelline instant age rewind two shades lighter than my skin tone. For my bronzer I use Too Faced chocolate soleil itโ€™s my favorite bronzer. Whenever I contour I always start with a bb cream base, I use BB cream by Maybelline in my skin tone. When I blend for bronzer I use my Kabuki brush from Too Faced and my beauty blender for highlighting. Lucy and I still laugh about when I contoured her so here are some pictures! These photos also show that I preferably start with bronzer and than highlighting.

Step by Step Process:


1. Start by warming up the face by applying the bronzer to the top of your forehead

2. Add a straight line down each cheek from the top of your ear to the middle of your eye

3. Then add a straight line to both sides of your nose to create a shadow effect

4. Afterwards apply bronzer under your cheek and under your jaw bone

5. I then like to shadow the underlip to create the illusion of a bigger lip


1.  Make 2 triangles under your eyes to highlight the eyes

2. Place a straight line down the ridge of your nose to create a straight nose bone

3. Create a straight line down your cupids bow to show off your lips

the ultimate eyeliner

the ultimate eyeliner

the perfect cheek

the perfect cheek