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lotions to keep your skin luscious

I LOVE hand creams and all creams in general, but mostly hand. My hands seem to get itchy and irritated when I don't put on hand cream so I bring it everywhere. I have tested a lot of lotions and these are my favorites.

Sabon Rose body lotion

I leave this lotion by my bed and use it everyday before bed. This lotion is not thick so you can use it for day or night. This Sabon lotion smells like rose and I love the scent of rose.

Kiehl's Creme de corps body lotion

This lotion is whipped and has soy milk and honey in it, because it is whipped is airy so it is good for the day or night. This lotion has a small scent and I love the way it feels on your skin.

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength hand lotion

This cream is good for night unless you like a thin cream for the day. I only use this at night because I find that when I use a thin cream during the day it actually makes my hands more irritated than before.

Roc hand lotion  

I know which hand creams are the best because I am obsessed with hand creams, I bring this one with me everywhere. I love thick hand creams and this is thick. This cream is okay for the night but it is great for the day, its thickness stays on for longer than a thin cream which is good for different activities you might be doing in the day. This might not be the best thing to recommend because even though Roc products are sold in the US, this hand cream is not. It is only sold in Europe and Canada, and because my family is originally from Canada, I am able to buy it a lot. The link at the top goes to a canadian website.

Glysomed hand cream

This is a different thick hand cream that is not as amazing as Roc but it is sold in drugstores across the US. The one that is linked is easier to find but it has a scent that for some reason you might not be able to notice at first but once you have used it for a while it you really notice it. The one that is not as easy to find is not scented.

the best sensitive cleanser

the best sensitive cleanser

keeping your skin clean

keeping your skin clean