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10 vacation beauty products

10 vacation beauty products

1)   Kate Somerville anti acne drying lotion: I have already confessed my love for this product but let me tell you when I’m on a plane my face breaks out I think it's because the air is different and my face is really sensitive. So when I get to the hotel I automatically apply this to my breakouts.


2)   First aid beauty moisturizing lotion. This lotion is awesome after a good face cleanser I apply this to my skin to add some moisture. The moisturizer adds a glow to my face while rejuvenating my skin.


3)   Listerine mint strips: For me when I travel I’m out and about the whole day so when I feel self conscious about my breath I use a strip and it is so minty and perfect to slip into my pocket.


4)   Vichy thermal spa water: This product is amazing! If I’m really sweaty and don’t have time to do my routine. I spray this onto my skin and it instantly replenishes my face while cooling it down.


5)   Victoria’s Secret body mist, “Love Spell.” This product truly keeps me smelling flawless its light but has the best sent. I literally spray it all over my body and clothes because I adore the smell and wouldn’t want to smell like anything else!


6)   D.J.V. Fiberwig pure black: The best thing about this mascara is that it truly stays on and since its fiberwig it doesn’t smudge! Having mascara that doesn’t smudge is a huge relief. The product also gives the best volume to my lashes!


7)   Murad Acne Clarifying Cleanser: When I travel I like to have an intense cleanser to really clean my pores. This cleanser truly gets all the dirt and oils out of my pores so that I can truly have a fresh clean face. This cleanser is supper strong so I always moisturize afterwards


8)   Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil: When I go on vacation I love bold creamy lip! I can’t handle how bold this lip color is but it looks good with every outfit and brings attention to my lips! My favorite part about this product is I can wear it all day and it looks like I just put it on.


9)   Nars Orgasm Blush: Everyday I love a good blush to touch up my cheeks and create a great look. This blush is supper light and adds a little pink undertone to my cheek to create the perfect cheek while making my cheekbones look flawless.


10)    Benefit foundation, “Hello Flawless!” This product it perfect if you want a natural coverage that doesn’t change your skin tone or make it obvious you have a whole thing of makeup on your face. For me I only apply this foundation to my under eyes so that the bags disappear!   

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