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airplane beauty

I love traveling and I will be traveling for the holidays, so I made a list of products to use on the airplane:

1. Facial wipes

I think a pack of travel size facial wipes is so good for planes, you always need to wipe dirt off your face and when you are landing after a long flight you can wipe your face with a towelette and it will wake you up a little. I use ____

2. Facial spray

I think facial sprays are also really useful, they hydrate your skin while waking you up. I would spray my face with this a couple times on a long flight. I use Vichy Spa Water and Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray, the only bad thing about the rose water spray is that they do not have a size small enough to go through security with, so this is great for car rides, but not planes.

3. Pill holder

I carry a small pill holder around with me everyday because I get headaches a lot, so this pill holder is perfect for the plane because it is small and useful.

4. Tony Moly Perfume bar

 This Tony Moly perfume bar is a great non liquid way to smell so much better after a long flight. There are a couple different scents, they are sold at Urban Outfitters, like many Tony Moly products.

5. Small comb

I bring a small comb with me everywhere, just to brush my hair when it doesn't look good throughout the day or flight. Any comb is fine.

6. Band Aids

I think having a band aid is always good, if you get hurt or if you are wearing uncomforatable shoes. I use Cynthia Rowley band aids.

7. Lip gloss

For a thicker lip gloss, I use Buxom lip glosses. They have so many colors and they are more neutral colors and easy to apply for planes.

8. Tony Moly under eye brightener

I got this product a couple weeks ago, and I love it. I use it every morning because usually I have a small dark circles under my eyes when I first wake up and then they fade throughout the day. At the end of a long flight when you are tired and have dark circles under your eyes, this is a amazing tip to get rid of those dark circles fast.

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