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What Summer Is About

What Summer Is About

Every summer I am fortunate enough to be able to get out of the hectic city for a 5 weeks, in these weeks I go to Boston for 2 and Cape Cod (where I am right now) for 3. Being able to leave the city is the most therapeutic thing I can do.

This year was busy and hectic for me, which meant summer is the only time to run away from everything and just relax. When Iโ€™m in the city I try to only see friends who I have known for a while or who I trust to do adventures with me around the city. For example just the other week I made my friends Sam and Elsa walk the Brooklyn Bridge with me and get ice cream in Dumbo.

The truth is ninth grade will be a transition year for me because I am transferring schools. Because of that I feel like all I want to do is see my school friends this summer and only focus on positivity like Lucy, but sheโ€™s in the Hamptons for most of the summer. I feel like we all can take our summer break to sleep in late and go to bed late. I feel like this summer was a turning point for me so I decided to do things that would make me feel less anxious, these are some of the things -

1. Soul cycle

2. Make food

3. Start a new TV show

4. Work, I am a sales associate at Brandy Melville/John Galt on Prince Street

5. Read

6. Walk More, instead of cabbing try to walk to your destination

7. Eat Healthier

8. Try to get eight hours of sleep

9. Spend at least four nights a week with family

10. Most importantly, stay out of drama

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